Fall of legend


Death of superhero creator impacts students

Alex Gervasi, Reporter

   Comic book creator Stan Lee passed away earlier this month due to complications from a stroke, impacting many people all ages around the world, including students here at Roosevelt.

   “Stan Lee was a very important role model in my life,” freshmen Edward Houston said. “He taught me that no matter what, you should stand up for what is right, he created a world of wonder that I will appreciate for all of my life. He was a true hero that will be remembered and missed dearly.”

   Lee worked for Marvel, he created many superheros that are loved and appear on the big screen today by fans of Marvel, which includes Spiderman, the X-Men, Thor, and the Hulk.

   “I guess Stan Lee has impacted me quite a bit because I always love going to see superhero movies with my family,” sophomore Kyra Cleveland said. “I’ve found that the heroes he created a really inspiring to a lot of people including myself. He was just an overall great guy and his legacy will live on.”

   In movies, specifically Marvel movies from the past 10 years, Lee has cameoed in movies. Everytime he appeared on the big screen a jolt of joy went through the audience. He will appear in a few more Marvel movies before he is gone for good, fans should have a different reaction to seeing him on the big screen now that he is gone.

   “When I see Stan Lee’s final cameo, I will completely stand up in the movie theater,” sophomore Caleb Ave-Lallemant said. “And salute for the legend’s final appearance.”

   Lee put nearly 60 years into the world of superheros, many people are grateful for all of his work. He set a new standard for the world of superheroes and gave him much publicity, as well as his many cameos in movies. Lee will be missed by lots of people, but he will not be forgotten.

Alex is a sophomore reporter, this is his first year in Wy-News. In the music department, Alex plays the trumpet for Symphony Band, Jazz Band, and Marching Band; but he is also apart of Percussion Ensemble and Tri-M. He is also involved in Science Olympiad and Golf. Outside of school he is a trumpet player for the Dearborn Youth Symphony Orchestra. “I joined Wy-News because I wanted to involve myself in a challenging activity like this.”

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