Preparing for a wonderful life


Cecilia Kujawa, Reporter

   With the play coming up rapidly, the cast feels more than ready to take on the first ever performance of, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

   “The cast and crew as a whole are very prepared,” senior PJ Davenport said. “Rehearsals have been going great, I’m excited to see how everyone enjoys the show.”

   To make sure the show goes smoothly, the stage crew has been working just as hard to help the cast with scene transitions.

   “I spend almost my entire time backstage,” stage director Kali Sims said. “We make sure the props are set, help people with quick changes and get on stage in time, and help get stuff out of the way for Dylan [Stone], since he’s in a wheelchair.”

   With a newer cast, the members of the play have been working hard to make sure they put on a good show.

   “There are a few of us that are newer, but I think we’re doing pretty well,” senior Sara Creech said. “Everything is accumulating well and I feel very welcomed.”

   Individually, the cast has been working hard on their own when it comes to memorizing lines and getting to know their characters.

   “I’ve spent a lot of extra time memorizing lines,” Creech said. “I want to understand the depth of my character and other characters as well.”

   All together, the cast is in constant rehearsal everyday.

   “We have been rehearsing all week from last Sunday from four to seven,” Sims said. “The assemblies are really good practice too, because we get to practice in front of an audience.”

   The cast and crew are expecting success, and have high expectations for the reactions of the show.

   “I think the more Christmas themed production was a great idea overall,” Davenport said. “It’s a Wonderful Life, is a well loved movie. And I think we’re portraying that very well.”


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