Geoaddicts take Spain


Megan Harper, Reporter

  Geoaddicts is a club at RHS that takes yearly trips to various destinations around the world, and next school year, the group is going to Spain.

  The trip will take place over Spring Break in 2020, leaving April 4 and returning April 12. In those eight days of travel, the group will travel to the cities of Madrid, Seville, Córdoba, Grenada, and Barcelona.

  “We felt that this trip would be an excellent opportunity for Geoaddicts to explore a new destination and give our travelers a chance to utilize their language skills learned in school,” Geoaddicts sponsor Melissa White said.

  The trip will cost $4349 (as of November 28) for students, but since the trip is not until 2020, students wishing to go have plenty of time and fundraising opportunities to help them pay their way.

  The cost of the trip includes roundtrip travel, as well as any other transportation, hotel accommodations, daily breakfast and three-course dinner, tour and admission costs, and travel insurance, according to White.

   “I really hope that I’m able to go on the Spain trip, it sounds like a great experience and it’s so cool that you can earn college credits,” sophomore member Kya Minnick said.

  Students will also have the opportunity to earn three college credits upon completion of accompanying coursework.

   “The coursework includes materials designed to have student travelers interact and learn about their destination both before and after the trip, using investigative and reflective journaling, photo essays, and thoughtful exercises that require them to dig into the history, culture, and background of their selected site,” White said.

  The group has never been to Spain in the past. Previous Geoaddicts trips include Costa Rica, Italy, and more.

  “I went on three trips with Geoaddicts: Poland, Italy, and Costa Rica,” RHS alumnus Marie White said. “I’ll never forget being able to travel places where many people never get to go, let alone as high schoolers. The experience was so amazing.”

Megan is a sophomore reporter. This is her first year in Wy-News. At school, she is involved in Symphony Band, Science Club, and Tri-M. She is also actively involved in class activities, such as choreographing for lip sync and making the homecoming banner. Outside of school, she is a competitive dancer, and spends the majority of her time rehearsing and performing. “I joined Wy-News to challenge myself to do something new and improve my writing.”

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