Hockey holds tryouts for new season


Nick Campbell, Sports Editor

   Hockey season has officially begun with tryouts beginning October 29th, and ending November 2nd. During tryouts the players had to do basic skills to prove their worth.

   “We did some scrimmaging to test our skating, playmaking abilities, and our shots,” senior Jacob Ford said.

   Tryouts focused on different skills for each individual player, focusing on improving in areas where they are weaker.

   “I focused on making cleaner passing and using my speed,” senior Andrew Burke said.

   Different players have many different jobs on the ice, none more than senior goalie Matthew Slaughter. Slaughter had to impress in different ways than the other guys because of his position.

   “As a goalie, there’s many different things to look for during any hockey event, and I just made sure I did my best to get back on the team,” Slaughter said.

   The team began working earlier in the summer and feel that their hard work will pay off down the stretch.

   “Based on how we played over the summer and during tryouts, I believe that we can have a good year and I think we could go into the playoffs and be a team that people fear to play as long as we keep grinding to become the best team Downriver,” Slaughter said.

   Though there are some new kids on the team, the positive chemistry is going to impact the way the team performs.

   “We looked pretty good in tryouts, it seemed like we had good chemistry going on and I think this is gonna be a really good season for the team,” Ford said.

   The team as a whole just hopes to prove their doubters wrong, and to have a great season out on the ice.

   “I think that we will surprise people and do a lot better than they think that we will this year,” Burke said.

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