Marching to Success


Wyandotte Marching Chiefs perform at state championships for eighth year consecutively

Isaac Bolton, Reporter

   The Wyandotte Marching Chiefs  performed for the Michigan Band Competing Association (MCBA) at Ford Field for the eighth year in a row with their 2018 show “Seeking Virtue.”

   The Chiefs earned their second highest score at states out of all the years they have qualified, of an 85.925.

   “This year compared to my freshman year where we were questioning if we were going to states or not, last year was a definite feeling that we were going to states and we could feel that, but this year was a definite struggle the whole way through. It felt different and more intense the whole time,” Said junior Cameron Shelton.

   The chiefs have been preparing for their competitive season since the beginning of the summer.

   “I was really happy with the band performance at states”, said Instrumental Music Director Mark D’Angelo.“We grew all season long and always hope that our final performance will be our best performance,and I feel like that is what happened.”

   As a result of the band commitment throughout the season, they scored 10th in their flight.

   “All around as a band, we did fine and individually I did fine too.This is my fifth year in marching band and my fifth year going to states, my highlight of the season was definitely my mellophone solo at the middle of the show. I played it perfectly at states which is probably the best time to play at perfect,” senior Carter Coyne said.

   The band arrived at Ford Field at 6am to begin rehearsal and final adjustments before the their performance began. However, there are still adjustments that need to be made to be even more successful next year.

   “One thing out of the many things that are banned could improve on is definitely the individual excellence of students in the season,” said Mr. D’Angelo.

   As the season comes to a close, the band is looking forward to next year and the improvements that can be made, whether it is individual excellence or being a better band in general.

   “As an individual I think I did pretty good but I also definitely think I could improve on some things but I think that for my last run through of a show I did very well,” Coyne said.  

Isaac is a sophomore reporter. This is his first year participating in the Wy-News. He is involved in the Marching Band, and Boy Scouts.” I joined newspaper to get a new and more challenging experience."

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