New team, same game


Quiz Bowl team takes on season with twelve members, three of them being returners

Julia Tully, Reporter

   The RHS Quiz Bowl team is made up of mostly new members this year, which has so far proven to be a blessing rather than a curse.

   “At first I was worried we might not do as well because the new members aren’t use to it,” senior and returner Lazarus Kmet said. “But instead, it improved our performance.”

   Being new to anything can be frightening, especially when you are expected to know as much as the Quiz Bowl team is.

   “It feels a little intimidating,” senior Lily Wink said. “There are so many smart people and some of the questions that are being answered by them you don’t know the answer to and it’s kind of like… ‘what am I getting myself into’.”

   Having all new members allows the group to expand their knowledge and learn from each other.  

   “More people means more knowledge,” sophomore first year member Kelsey Wink said. “Which allows more questions to be answered in order for us to win.”  

   Practices for the team are on Mondays and Thursdays after school.

   “To practice we usually set up mock games,” Kmet said. “Or sometimes we just do individual study outside of practice to try to brush up on a certain subject.”  

   The students on the team all have things that they can personally improve on.

   “I’m really lost most of the time and I don’t really answer a lot of questions,” sophomore first year member Megan Harper said. “I personally need to work on just expanding my knowledge and having the confidence to answer right away.”

   According to Harper, the whole team has been doing great; everyone has has a chance to play, but with each match it becomes more clear as to who the “power players” are and they’re using that to their advantage .

   The team is currently first in the Southern Wayne Conference and the Tan Division, having won against Huron, Annapolis, Riverview and Huron.

Julia is a sophomore reporter. This is her first year in Wy-News. Inside of school, she is involved in A cappella choir, Rovasi chorale, Theatre and she is a trumpet player in Marching Band. Outside of school, she helps out the Wyandotte Academy Youth Choir, directed by Mrs. Kane. “I joined Wy-News because I love to write, and I just wanted to challenge myself to learn a completely different way of writing.”

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