Preventing winter sickness – Flu shots available on-site after school


Alex Gervasi, Reporter

   As unfortunate as it is, during winter, anyone can easily get the flu, which is why a clinic is being held at Roosevelt after school to vaccinate students and teachers.

   According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) , Influenza is a serious disease that can lead to hospitalization, and sometimes even death. This is why a flu clinic will be held at Roosevelt.

   “They will be increasing their protection and their loved ones protection against the flu,” District Nurse Jamie Perry said. “And it’s unpredictable severity and consequences. They may be saving lives.”

   The host of this event is Health Hero, a company that specializes in on-site vaccinations for no cost.

   Obtaining a secure dose is a necessity for this event, which is why students cannot walk into this event without having a form filled out by a parent. They will not be able to attend the clinic if this was not turned in at least one day prior to the event.

   As beneficial as it would be to have every student in the school vaccinated, preventing the flu from reaching to students, it’s not going to happen. Many students are not going to the event, some because they have already been vaccinated, but most because they don’t have an interest in it.

   There are a few students that will not go to the event, but other students believe they should for their own well-being.

   “I think the flu clinic will help a lot of students, and keep them in school longer,” senior Carter Coyne said.

   Getting a flu shot will benefit students through better attendance, which results in a better education. If you did not sign up to get a flu shot, there are lots of places that offer flu shots, some for free. The flip side is it’s not as convenient as going after school to get it done, but it’s still rewarding.

   “I am hoping that people take advantage of this service,” Perry said. “Next year, we may be able to offer multiple sites for even more convenience if the numbers show it would be beneficial.”

   Flu shots will be available to students and teachers who signed up for them from 245-430 in the teacher’s lounge.

Alex is a sophomore reporter, this is his first year in Wy-News. In the music department, Alex plays the trumpet for Symphony Band, Jazz Band, and Marching Band; but he is also apart of Percussion Ensemble and Tri-M. He is also involved in Science Olympiad and Golf. Outside of school he is a trumpet player for the Dearborn Youth Symphony Orchestra. “I joined Wy-News because I wanted to involve myself in a challenging activity like this.”

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