Key Club looking to make a change


Cecilia Kujawa, Reporter

  This year, Key Club is looking to increase involvement in the school and the community.

  “Last year was really unorganized,” senior Vice President Baylee Murasky said. “We wanted to change that and so far, it’s going good.”

  For years, Key Club has not been as involved with the school as they are with the community, creating a challenge to reach out to the students.

  “I plan on getting our name out there,” senior President Adrianna Junior said. “I feel like many people don’t know what we’re about.”

  Key Club’s basic function is to volunteer and help the community as much as possible. In the past, they have helped homeless shelters, hospitals, and so much more.

  “We do a variety of community service projects,” senior Webmaster Lily Wink said. “We run a can food drive every year in December, and all of the food goes to families in need around Wyandotte.”

  The Key Club board plans to add additional services to Roosevelt by working with the Peer to Peer class  to create a larger impact, and to really get more people to understand the purpose of Key Club.

  “We actually do a lot of projects with the Peer to Peer class.Anytime the school has something going on we try to get involved,” Murasky said. “We try to get the class in the LMC during the day to do some sort of event, we have a Halloween party planned.”

  Along with new ideas with the school, new volunteer hours for Key Club has been another main focus for a change within the club.

  “I would like to get more organizations involved so we have a good balance of who we’re helping,” Junior said. “I want to see what kind of work we can provide.”

  Key Club voluntarily helps the community which benefits Wyandotte and Roosevelt itself.

  “We volunteer because we know it helps people in the long run,” Junior said. “The best thing we get in return is knowing we affect someone or something in a positive way.”

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