Boys cross country clinches top five at Downriver League Championships


Jude Rodriguez, Reporter

    Varsity boys cross country came in fifth place overall at Downriver League Championships, and the boys managed to both set a school record and push past illnesses to cross the finish line.

   Freshman Samuel Rankine was a big finisher for the event. Though he came in twentieth place and was the second Roosevelt runner to cross the finish line, he had a time of 17:49, which is now the new school record for freshmen.

   “It was a hard race,” Rankine said. “Even though we didn’t do as good as we wanted to, we all were happy with our performance.”

    Junior captain Jared Blum came in thirteenth place and was the first Roosevelt finisher, with a time of 17:37. Blum was not totally happy with the Bears’ running but knew the race was definitely, and in some cases literally, an uphill battle.

   “We did alright, it wasn’t our best performance,” Blum said. “We had a few good finishers including me, Sam Rankine, and Jake Baker.”

   But not all the Roosevelt runners were healthy enough to race or were even present for the meet.

   “We didn’t have another racer because all of our other three guys were sick that day,” Rankine said. “I feel like if we took someone from JV and put them in the varsity race as a fifth man, we might’ve done a little better.”

   Junior Nicklas Slone was feeling sick the morning of the race but still tried to run along with his team. He finished with a time of 18:55.

   “The hill on that course is always a grind,” Slone said. “But for me personally, I got to around two and a half miles and started having to throw up so I had to hold that down.”


Team Score

Brownstown Woodhaven


Southgate Anderson


Allen Park


Lincoln Park


Wyandotte Roosevelt




Dearborn Edsel Ford


Gibraltar Carlson


Jude is a sophomore reporter. This is his first year in Wy-News. He was a member of the eXtreme Science Club and earned his varsity letter in his freshman year of Men’s Junior Varsity Rowing. He is also a part of his old middle school church’s Teen Forum. “I joined Wy-News because I’m a serial writer and enjoy getting out there to ask questions.”

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