Powderbuff win for juniors


Photo Credits: Wendy Guzmán, Executive Editor

Natalie Reid, Reporter

   This year’s annual Powder Buff game was won by the Juniors, winning 3 out of 5 sets.

   “The game went really well and they all really worked together. Our setters Drew Wesner and Mateo Juarez did a nice job of getting to the second ball and giving a good set to the hitters, and Nick McPhall really brought us out with his serves,” junior coach Haley Luna said.

   To prepare for this game, both the juniors and seniors worked hard in the gym.

   “We really just worked on game situations so we had them scrimmage a lot,” senior coach Emma Sliwka said.

   The junior boys showed major improvement from practices to the game.

   “When we first started practicing, I couldn’t make a single serve. Today, I made all my serves and I thought I made good plays,” junior MVP Nick McPhall said.

   Even though the seniors lost for a second time, they still had some improvements from last year’s game.

   “We played a lot different, we had bigger guys, and we all matured a little bit,” senior MVP Zachary Crosby said.

   Although excited, the junior boys were not expecting this outcome.

   “I honestly didn’t think we were going to win, but we played our best,” McPhall said. “We just need to work on our communication a little bit more since that was one of our weak spots.”

   To ensure a big win for next year, the juniors plan on practicing even harder.   “We’re definitely going to keep the same people in those positions and just get better so they know the game better,” Luna said.



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