Fighting to Improve


Cecilia Kujawa, Reporter

  With a record of 2-4, volleyball is hoping to make a comeback in the second half of the season.

  “This year has been all over the place,” senior captain Elizabeth Gilbert said. “We hope to get better, but we’re a young team with only four seniors.”

  Many on the team believe this is a building year for the volleyball program, with eight juniors and three sophomores on varsity.

  “We can only go up from here,” senior captain Marisa Gonzalez said. “We have all improved tremendously.”

  Even though the team isn’t happy with the outcome so far, the girls are optimistic and turn to each other for support.

  “We get along so good; we’re actually all really good friends,” senior defensive specialist Emma Sliwka said. “We just lack chemistry on the court.”

  Varsity volleyball is now in the bottom bracket of the downriver league for the first time since the brackets have been divided. The rest of the games are to be determined as the season goes on.

  “I think the rest of the season should be good, if we can get back in the swing of things,” Gilbert said. “It’s been rough, but I think if we fight for it we can do it.”

  Districts this year are October 29, 31 and November 2. The team plans to prepare for it with more practices, tournaments, and team bonding.

  “We try to strategize what they [the other teams] do best,” Sliwka said. “We try to turn their strengths into their weaknesses.”

    Varsity volleyball has had many drawbacks this season, but they plan to come back strong for the second half of the season.

  “Overall, it’s been a bumpy road,” Sliwka said. “All we can do is go up and keep fighting.”

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