Taking the field


Julia Gutierrez, Reporter

Walking in perfect synchronization the Wyandotte Marching Chiefs took the field to perform their halftime show called “Seeking Virtue,” in front of packed stands at Roosevelt’s homecoming game,

      “I think the band did great. I mean there’s things that we could work on but overall I think we did great,” freshman trumpet Gavin Gibbons said.

      The Wyandotte Marching Chiefs have spent countless hours preparing for their show, warm days and cold nights practicing every note and every move to make it as close to perfect as possible.

      “I think that we had one of our best performances tonight but we could definitely improve,” drum major Sarah Clark,” said.

     This year’s show is completely different from anything that the marching band has ever done.

      “The show is called Seeking Virtue and it’s an oriental show, and I think that it’s really interesting because we’ve never done a show like that before,” Clark said.

      The Marching Chiefs continue to work hard and practice every detail in their show and will compete in their next competition this Saturday at Livonia-Franklin High School in Livonia, Michigan.


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