Showing school spirit


Frances Hickey, Copy Editor

   Roosevelt High School had its spirit week, a way for students to show their pride in their school through dressing up and participating in each day: Monday “dress like a teacher,” Tuesday “Tropical,” Wednesday “America,” Thursday “Class Colors,” and Friday “Blue and Gold.”

   “I enjoy spirit week because it is one out of the two weeks of the year we are able to dress funny and show our spirit without being judged because everyone is doing it,” junior Avery Crain said.

    Each student always has a favorite day, one that may be funnier than the rest, or just easier to dress up for.

    “My favorite spirit day was definitely ‘Tropical Tuesday,’ because already having stuff for it such as a Hawaiian shirt or Lei makes it easier, plus it was cool just seeing all the different colorful shirts and accessories people were wearing,” senior Grace Gutierrez said.

    In middle school, they have spirit week, but it isn’t as respected and there isn’t much participating, so for the freshmen it is a new experience being able to show all their class spirit.

    “It is definitely very different from middle school, the costumes and things the upperclassmen were wearing were really cool and showed that the students really enjoy spirit week and their school,” freshman Theresa Hickey said.

    There is also a competitive aspect behind spirit weeks at RHS, the more participation from each class, the more likely they are to win the Spirit Jug, which gets their class year written on it for all future RHS students to see.

    “This year I’m pretty proud of my class despite coming in second to the senior class,” jJunior Sydney Lazarek said. “I feel like it is a given that the seniors win though, it is their last year here and they want to go out with a bang and show off all of their spirit for their school and class.”

    The results of the final spirit week were, seniors in first place, juniors in second, sophomores in third, and freshmen in fourth. As students grow older, they develop more pride in their school and class, increasing participation in fun activities such as Spirit Week.

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