Running in the rain


Cordelia Krajewski, Reporter

   The Cross Country team competed in one of their most competitive meets of the season, running through rain.

   “It was a very competitive meet with some of the top runners in the state,” boys cross country coach Jordan Thackery said. “We were expecting to have a few more PRs (personal records) than we did, but all the [boys] worked very hard.” Thackery has been coaching cross country for six years, but this is his first year as head coach in Wyandotte.

   Despite the competitive atmosphere and weather conditions, senior Jordyn Burks considered this to be one of her best races.

   “I came across first for our (girls) team today, and I got a decent time,” Burks said.

   Burks was not the only runner who felt they ran well.

   “I got a nice time,” freshman Lucas Pratt said. “I didn’t slow down that much so I think that’s what made me improve my time.”

   Pratt’s finishing time was 20:47.

   Freshman Noelle Robertson also felt good about her run.

   “I think running up the hill was the best because I really pushed it up there going fast,” Robertson said.

   Preparing for the run was a very important part of ending with a successful time.

   “I ate really well,” junior Steven Breton said. “I just had to get into a good mindset throughout the week.”

   Senior Gabrielle Feltz also shared how she prepared for the race. “I drank a lot of water before hand and I tried eating healthy and got good sleep,” Feltz said.

   The conditions made the race more challenging, in spite of the preparation.“Overall, I thought the times would be faster, but it was a humid day and the course was soft,” girls coach Megan Davis said. This is Davis’s first season coaching.

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