Sideline Cheerleading: Trenton game


Stella Moline, Reporter

The Wyandotte varsity football team had a close game at Trenton on September 28, but they had a great group of girls cheering them to victory with a score of 17-14.

The girls varsity sideline cheer team was upbeat, and gave the football players great motivation. Whether they were hyping up the student section, or doing pushups when the Bears score a touchdown, they made sure the Bears fans had a good game.

Madison Murdock, a sophomore on the team, said the team does about 40 cheers at every game, not including the jumps and flips they do on their own. The cheerleaders always had a smile on their faces, and they worked really hard trying to make the game a great experience for everyone.

The team’s head coach, Bobbie Haidy, really liked how the girls performed.

   “They’re working better today and I’ve only had a couple mistakes,” Haidy said at the game.

Junior McKenna Wiejacha really enjoyed this game.

   “The rush of the game, because it’s been so close, and just cheering on our friends,” Wiejacha said.

Sophomores Cassidy Stamper and Autumn Justice,, had a fun time getting the student section excited. Justice particularly enjoys the Wyandotte Rumble cheer with the student section while Stamper’s favorite is Wyandotte Bus.

The squad worked hard cheering the Bears to a victory, doing 38 pushups total in recognition of points scored on the field.

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