Seeking Virtue marches to success


Greg Timmons, Wy-Hi Executive Editor

   The Wyandotte Marching Chiefs had their second performance of the 2018 halftime show “Seeking Virtue” on Friday, a show they worked the whole summer to perfect.

   “Our performance overall was good for our first performance in uniforms, but personally I know I have improvements that need to be made,” senior section leader Spencer Nosal said.

   Band Director Mark D’Angelo has been directing the Chiefs since 2001, and according to him, this is one of the best seasons they have had in preparation for their Saturday competition.

   “Whenever we perform, we learn something new about how the competition will go. Tonight was the first night we were able to wear uniforms, so, it was the first real performance we were able to have,” D’Angelo said.

   The band comes together twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays to rehearse for their football game shows and their competitions.

   “The Chiefs have been working very hard at our rehearsals this year,” D’Angelo said. “They’re positive, upbringing, and all-together hardworking.”

   The halftime show has a piccolo/flute duet featuring sophomore Alessandra Gomez on piccolo, and senior Braylen Matulonis, who was not able to perform due to a concussion.

   “I was really scared since this was the first time I played without Braylen,” Gomez said. “But people told me it was good.”

   According to D’Angelo, the band is on the rise. They look forward to their competition and what challenges they will face, but D’Angelo knows they will do well no matter what the score.

   “I hope they will remember this as one of the best things they did in their high school career,” D’Angelo said.

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