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“Open field” ups intensity for spirit jug competition

Wendy Guzman, Executive Editor

   The battle for the spirit jug is considered to be more unpredictable than in years prior.

   “I’d say it’s a pretty open field,” 2022 class sponsor Sarah Barnes said. “I’d say it’s anybody’s game to win.”

   The spirit jug is awarded to the class with the highest percentage of participation during spirit week, an honor recent graduates, the class of 2018, snagged two years in a row.

   “I think [the spirit jug] has always been up for grabs,” senior Class President Jake Baker said. “I never saw 2018 as a threat, and certainly not 2020 through 2022.”

   Knowing what is at stake, the class officers are coming up with ways to further encourage their classmates to participate.

   “We’re trying to either offer opportunities for people to get things that are going to be more spirit driven or if they already have things were pushing it out there as much as we can,” sophomore Class President Caleb Ave-Lallemant said.

   The social media approach is another tactic being used by all the classes.

   “We’re on different social media so we have to make sure that like we post it out there to make sure the kids know the dates,” junior class Vice President Frances Hickey said. “Just make sure everyone knows what the Spirit Week ideas are and make sure that they’re able to dress up.”

   Hickey believes this year could be her class’s chance to be on top.

   “Hopefully this year we’ll do better than past years,” Hickey said. “We haven’t done great in the past but I feel like this year our class is getting more spirited so I feel like this year we will probably do better.”
   The freshmen class however is in a slightly different situation; they have never even been part of a Homecoming spirit week.

   “I think a lot of people are embarrassed to participate and they don’t wanna like overdo it because they’re freshmen,” freshman Class President Nina Steffin said.

   Despite their disadvantage, the class of 2022 might have more to offer than expected. Their sponsors Barnes and science teacher Melanie Merrifield also sponsored the class of 2018.

   “I decided to pick up another class this year with Merrifield because we really love doing it. It’s fun and I like to be a part of it,” Barnes said. “Now we really know what we’re doing and I just think that you know we have a lot to offer the freshmen class.”

   Although Barnes does feel some pressure to sponsor another successful class.

   “We try to get the officers to understand how important it is as their role to get everyone involved,” Barnes said. “I do feel like [there is pressure on us]…but you know we do what we can.”

   Regardless of what came before, the classes are trying to bring out the best in themselves in order to showcase their love for the school.

    “When it comes to spirit I want it to be authentic,” Ave-Lallemant said. “I want everyone to be going in with what they can do and not what somebody who graduated could do, you know?”   

Wendy is a senior and is the Executive Editor. She has been part of the Wy-News for three years. Inside school she is her class Corresponding Secretary, Junior Secretary of NHS, and a staff reporter for the Wy-Hi yearbook. She is also a part of Link Crew, Art Club, and plays soccer. Outside of school she volunteers at her church, paints, and babysits. “I love everything about newspaper. There is truly no better feeling than being able to inform and connect with the student body. I love giving students a voice and covering what’s really important to us as high school students.”

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