Seniors win awards for media, music on Senior Recognition Day


Seniors win awards for media, music on Senior Recognition Day

SaMya Overall and Max Skolnik, Reporters

Seniors got the chance to be recognized for their high school accomplishments on their senior recognition day, which was held on June 7 this year.    Senior Dylan Cartwright won Media Student of the Year, given to the student who participates in a media class and has significant participation within the department.    “The past three years I’ve been involved video productions and broadcasting, as well as taking my free time to help Haddad with anything she needs,” Cartwright said.    The award went to Cartwright because he has contributed to the success of the media department.    “I really feel like I’ve done a lot for the media department over the past few years, especially this year,” Cartwright said. “I’ve gone out and I’ve filmed Mr. Roosevelt, the pep rallies, the homecoming games, I put together the senior video…I really feel like I contributed a lot through the past few years to the media department.”    Senior Noah Mac won the Juan Carlos de marco marching band spirit award, given to the student who shows the most spirit and impact during their time in the music department.    “I was invited to join when I was in 8th grade, and continue marching band throughout the years as a member, section leader, junior then head drum major. I’ve been in jazz rovasi, concert and symphony band all years,” Mac said.    The award is significant to Mac because the whole music department, even volunteers, are involved in choosing its recipient.    “The award is chosen by all of the band members, staff, and volunteers who pick the senior who has the most spirit and passion for marching,” Mac said. “I care so much about the band, I always go the extra miles to help and try new things to improve the band as a whole, and I sacrificed my time and anything for the good of the band…”    Mac advises all underclassmen to find their passion, whether it be media, music, or another extracurricular RHS offers, and to help others discover their passion.    “Be true, to yourself and others, and live by this quote from 1st Lt. Travis Manion, ‘If not me, then who…’. It’s a constant reminder to live with character and put other people’s interests before our own.”    

Max is a senior and is the BearDaily Editor-in-Chief. He has been apart of Wy-News for two years. Inside of school, he is the Senior Drum Major of the Marching Band, the President of NHS, a member of the Men’s Varsity Rowing Team, Secretary of Science Club and Tri-M, is a class representative for Student Council, and is a Link Crew Leader. Outside of school he volunteers at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, is a cellist in the Dearborn Youth Symphony Orchestra, and is a member of his church youth group. “I wanted to join Wy-News to bring more information and content to the student body for their enjoyment. I love everything about Wy-News, from the people, to the topics we report on, to all the different types of experiences I am exposed to. I never thought I’d love something so much as I do the Wy-News.”

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