Opening night for Little Shop of Horrors


Opening night for Little Shop of Horrors ​

Makayla Coffee, Editor-in-Chief , Emily Alaniz, Managing Editor   On March 23, Roosevelt’s production of Little House of Horrors made its debut.   Little shop of Horrors revolves around the main character Seymour, played by senior Austin Charlebois, who discovers a unique plant that will soon bring him fame. The only issue is that the plant known as Audrey II, voiced by senior Erin Crnkovich, has a disturbing taste for blood which drives the plot of the performance.   According to theater director Sam Ramirez, opening night for this musical was highly successfully.   “For a Thursday I mean this was absolutely insane. Like for one thing the 50/50 was $188 so that means we made double that already… I couldn’t have asked for a better opening…,” Ramirez said.   This musical is based on its original film and was chosen by Ramirez because of its popularity.   “Well originally I wanted to do a lesser known show but I kept coming back to this. It’s really funny, it’s light hearted, a lot of people know it. People know the movie or they know the original black and white movie,” Ramirez said. “As soon as I announced it I had a lot of people super, super excited for it. Even when it was just rumored, people were like ‘Oh I want to do this. I want to audition for this’ so my hands were kind of tied. It’s just a really popular show and everyone likes it.”  Throughout the musical, Seymour became romantically involved with his coworker Audrey, played by junior Katherine Fuller. Fuller claims her favorite scene from the night was a singing a duet with Charlebois.   “I’m a bit biased because my favorite scene is probably Suddenly Seymour because I’m singing it with someone I really care about, and it’s just a flood of emotion. I can pour my heart out into that song and I know he can too,” Fuller said.   Crnkovich has been a part of multiple plays and musicals throughout her four years in high school. According to Crnkovich, this has been the biggest cast she has dealt with.   “This was definitely the biggest cast I’ve ever worked with. it was a totally different experience than past shows, but it’s given me the chance to meet so many people,” Crnkovich said.   Preparation for this production began at the beginning of the year and the whole cast rehearsed everyday since.   “We auditioned everybody right before winter break so that second week of December. We started rehearsals right after we got back from New Years that Tuesday we started rehearsals and we have rehearsed every single day since that second day of school,” Ramirez said.   According to Fuller, the whole cast put in a lot of time and effort.   “Months and months [of work went into preparing for this show] and it’s probably the most work I’ve put into anything really…I don’t think… most of this cast has ever put their whole heart into something as they have this,” Fuller said.   As for the next two performances, Fuller believes it will only get better.   “It can only go uphill from here. It can only get better and judging by tonight’s run its going to be great. It’s going to be fantastic,” Fuller said.  

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