Start of finals week

Kate Simpson and Lillian Settles, Reporters    The school year is coming to an end and students are preparing for the end of the semester finals.    “I am preparing for finals by staying organized and working on one subject at a time. Quizlet is also very helpful and with making cheat sheets for the classes I’m allowed to use them in,” sophomore Avery Crain said.    For many students it is important to study because this final will be the last thing for their grade and it could either help or hurt their grade.    “Studying is the key to acing your final and boosting your GPA,” Crain said. Underclassmen will begin to take finals on Monday during first and second hour. Tuesday they will take their 3rd and 4th hour. Wednesday and Thursday will be half days and students will take their 5th, 6th, and 7th hour finals.   After taking the finals students will no longer attend that class for the remainder of the week. Students will be dismissed for the year on the 14th, that will also be the end of the cardmarking, and the last day to turn in missing work.    “I am most worried about my math final because we have learned a lot of new complicated things second semester,” Crain said.

Max is a senior and is the BearDaily Editor-in-Chief. He has been apart of Wy-News for two years. Inside of school, he is the Senior Drum Major of the Marching Band, the President of NHS, a member of the Men’s Varsity Rowing Team, Secretary of Science Club and Tri-M, is a class representative for Student Council, and is a Link Crew Leader. Outside of school he volunteers at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, is a cellist in the Dearborn Youth Symphony Orchestra, and is a member of his church youth group. “I wanted to join Wy-News to bring more information and content to the student body for their enjoyment. I love everything about Wy-News, from the people, to the topics we report on, to all the different types of experiences I am exposed to. I never thought I’d love something so much as I do the Wy-News.”

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