AP Gov Filthy Fifty

Deven Blight and Matthew Trusewicz, Reporters   Students in the AP Gov class have been taking a series of unique vocabulary tests to help prepare them for the AP test next week.   “A lot of the vocab we’re talking about we haven’t talked about them since September, October, November, December, or even if its January like four months ago it helps refresh them and even though there is a lot that you’re cramming into your mind you’ll be surprised in that moment when them how much that you recall,” AP Gov teacher Marshall Wymore.   The test involves students having to choose a number between one and fifty, the number correlates to a vocabulary term from a list the students have studied from, Wymore either gives them the term and the students give the definition or vice versa. Although the students don’t particularly like the assessment, some begrudgingly admit it has helped them prepare for the AP test.   “The filthy fifty made me take accountability by having no choice but to memorize all the terms, which will assist me tremendously on the test,” junior Jake Baker said.   Wymore came up with the idea for it after going to an AP teachers workshop and hearing another teacher talk about how well it worked.   “I got this idea a couple summers ago when I went to an AP summer institute… and somebody talked about how they did this in their school and it was an very effective way to get students ready for the exam,” Wymore said.  

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